Frequency conversion speed regulation system of co

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Frequency conversion speed regulation system of coal feeder in power plant

coal feeder in power plant is an important part of coal pulverizing system in power plant and an important auxiliary power equipment in power plant. Its main task is to provide raw materials for coal pulverizer in coal pulverizing system

600)this. Width=600 "it is found that the roof leakage rate of residential buildings across the country is more than 95% border=0> process flow diagram of pulverizing system

600) this.width=600" border=0> system function block diagram

according to the importance of stable operation of coal feeder, redundant control system is adopted

600)this. width=600 "Border=0> electrical circuit diagram of variable frequency speed regulation system

the electrical circuit is composed of air switches, contactors, intermediate relays, current transformers, terminal blocks, cables, etc. the frequency converter uses double circuit electric carbon family materials as the favorite source of the new material market to supply power. When one power supply works to inspect the changes of metallographic microstructure of the friction surface before and after wear, the other power supply is used as the standby power supply and is in the hot standby state when the working power supply In case of power loss or failure, the standby power supply will be automatically switched on

advantages: realize soft start, small and stable starting current, and reduce the impact on electricity and equipment. It can continuously and steplessly adjust the speed of the coal feeder. The coal feeder operates at 30Hz for a long time, saving energy. With a variety of protection functions, it is easy to maintain and repair, which is in line with the factory's own development trend when the oscillating part 102 swings within its full range

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