Fresh keeping and storage of the hottest broccoli

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Fresh keeping and storage of broccoli

broccoli, also known as broccoli and cauliflower, is a high-quality vegetable. The edible parts of broccoli are young flower stems, bolting and buds, and their respiratory and metabolic activities are very vigorous after harvest. At 25 ℃, the respiratory intensity of broccoli is 6% of that of broccoli 7 times. After being stored for days, the buds will gradually become loose and yellow, and the quality will decline. Broccoli can be kept fresh for days under normal temperature of 20 ℃ and about 7 days under low temperature of 0 ℃ -5 ℃. Many domestic enterprises also do a lot of data every year. Therefore, broccoli should be processed or sold in time after harvest, and it should not be stored for too long

if temporary storage is required, 0 ℃ is the appropriate temperature for storage, but chlorophyll will be oxidized and decomposed during storage. Therefore, it can be blanched and refrigerated, which not only keeps the color green, but also is convenient to eat. In this way, it can be stored for about 4 days without discoloration

if broccoli wants to be exported, it needs to meet the export requirements. The diameter of the flower ball is cm, the length of the flower stem is 14 cm, and a single flower ball weighs more than 250 grams. It is packed after selection. Broccoli should be pre cooled before packaging. The suitable temperature for storage is 0 ℃ and the relative humidity is 95%. Immediately after harvest, the broccoli will be cooled to 1 ℃ and sealed with a single flower ball of 0.03 mm thick polyethylene film. This method can be stored for days, with good fresh-keeping and green keeping effect, and the good flower ball rate is more than 90%

requirements for gas composition of controlled atmosphere storage of broccoli: oxygen 1%, dioxygen Huicong plastic news: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a kind of high with rubber. Therefore, XPS board is limited to 10% of the elastic carbon on the first floor in the external wall insulation building structure (1). The specific method is: put broccoli into crates, each box of about 10 kg, not full, to prevent crushing. Stack the boxes into flower stacks, or use 0.5% bleach to repeatedly scrub the cleaned vegetable racks to place cauliflower. First, lay a large piece of plastic film on the bottom of the stack or frame as the bottom layer, then stack broccoli after scattering, cover it with a polyethylene curtain with a thickness of 0.07mm, then roll the bottom edge of the curtain tightly with the plastic film on the bottom layer of the stack or frame, and compress it with sand, tie the cuffs tightly, block the vent, and make the whole curtain completely sealed. Measure the gas composition in the account every two days. If the carbon dioxide content is 9%-10%, add hydrated lime to the bottom of the account for adjustment. Try to reduce the number of accounts during storage. The flower ball releases more ethylene. Putting an appropriate amount of potassium permanganate carrier (0.5kg potassium permanganate carrier per 10kg broccoli) in the closed account can adsorb ethylene to prevent the ripening effect of ethylene or the destruction of protein. The method of potassium permanganate carrier is: smash the foam bricks used in construction into thumb sized blocks, soak them in potassium permanganate saturated solution, and then dry them for standby. If the storage temperature is controlled at 0 ℃ -3 ℃, the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide are 1% and 10% respectively, and the potassium permanganate carrier is used to store broccoli for days, the fresh-keeping and green keeping effect is still very good

plastic film tents are generally set in ventilated storage warehouses. The management during storage should depend on the change of external temperature. Try to keep the temperature in the storage room constant, so that there is no or less condensation in the plastic tents, otherwise it is easy to cause flower balls to rot

source: Hebei Science and technology news Author: wangguiren

processing of soft packaging of instant Toona sinensis buds

1. It is better to select materials with purple buds or slightly green, soft and fragrant varieties. When the Toon buds grow to cm, break them off from the base, bundle them into 0.3KG handfuls, and take leaves or plastic film to cover them for fresh preservation

2. Rinse with clean water before pickling, and drain the surface water. Prepare according to the proportion of Toon sprout 80%, soy sauce 8.5%, refined salt 6.5%, sugar 2.5%, bran vinegar 2.5%. Mix the main and auxiliary materials evenly, put them into corrosion-resistant containers such as ceramics or enamel, then take salt cover according to 3% of the amount of Toon buds, lay bamboo pieces, and evenly place heavy objects on them to compress

do not knead or press when pickled Chinese toon buds. After soaking for hours and seeing that the buds are wet, pick them up from the base of the buds. If there are small drops of water on the tip of the buds, turn over the jar. Hold up the Chinese toon sprouts with both hands and transfer them to another empty jar. At the same time, let the upper and lower Chinese toon sprouts exchange positions. Turn the jar for the second time after hours, turn the jar for the third time after hours, turn the jar for the fourth time after 24 hours, and turn it again after 48 hours. It can be pickled after days

3. The flavor of seasoning varies from place to place. Now we recommend a general spicy formula: 100 parts of toon sprouts, 15 parts of rapeseed oil, 0.5 parts of monosodium glutamate, 0.5 parts of citric acid, 0.5 parts of spicy powder, 0.5 parts of pepper powder, 0.5 parts of pepper powder

the pickled toon sprouts are cut into 1 cm long segments. First boil the rapeseed oil, dissolve monosodium glutamate and citric acid in a small amount of warm water, and then mix the main and auxiliary materials in proportion and mix well

4. The Chinese toon buds packaged with auxiliary materials shall be immediately put into composite bags and sealed by heat sealing machine. During the packaging operation, the inner wall of the bag mouth should be free of grease and moisture. During heat sealing, static pressure ultrasonic level gauges with an inclination greater than 50 ° are often used, and the closing voltage is controlled at 36 volts for 3 seconds. Generally, the width of the bag mouth seal shall not be less than 0.6cm

5. Sterilization when the packed composite bag is sterilized, it should be controlled at 90 ℃ -95 ℃ and expand for about 30 seconds. In order to prevent thermal expansion, pressure operation is generally adopted, and the pressure is 0 8 kg/cm2 is appropriate. As the temperature of sterilization water decreases, the pressure can be gradually reduced to normal pressure

source: Science Express Author: liguanghe

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