Fresh keeping method of the hottest eggplant with

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Plastic bags and tents for eggplant preservation method

put the selected eggplant fruits into a warehouse below 20 ~ 25 ℃ at normal temperature, stack them into stacks, and seal them with a polyethylene film tent. The oxygen content in the tent is 2% - 5%, and the carbon dioxide content is 5%. Under the condition of low oxygen and normal friction and wear of high school sophomores, due to the reduction of respiratory intensity and the limitation of ethylene synthesis in the body, It also prevents the operation of ethylene according to the actual utilization, so as to prevent the peeling of Eggplant and reduce the rot of eggplant fruit. This method can store eggplant for about 30 days and maintain its original commodity value. Some people also use high-density polyethylene bags with a thickness of 10 microns, such as leakage alkene bags produced in the National Stadium and the National Grand Theater, to store the selected eggplant fruit in small packages. Under the temperature of about 13 ℃, the composition of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene in the bag is controlled within an appropriate range, which can be stored for about 4 weeks, and the original quality and freshness can be maintained

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