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Brief introduction to the installation of automatic monitoring instruments in Liuzhou in 2013

April 22 is world earth day. This year, China has determined the theme of Earth Day activities as "cherish earth resources, change development mode, promote ecological civilization, and jointly build a beautiful China". Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of land and resources carried out earth day publicity activities in the pedestrian street. Liuzhou entered the main flood season in May, and the prevention and control of geological disasters became the focus of publicity on that day. According to the latest census data, there are a total of 5253 geological disaster prone areas and 931 geological disaster hidden danger points in Liuzhou. The land and resources department has included the range of geological disaster prone areas in the city in November last year, including the relevant data such as measuring instruments and resettlement sites that have made significant improvements in the structure and materials of the original horizontal tensile testing machines and other products, so that the performance and technology cannot be destroyed by water in dangerous chemical fires, Enter into the geological environment management information system. In May, Liuzhou will launch the meteorological early warning and prediction information system of geological disasters: after receiving the rain and water information from the meteorological and hydrological department, the land and resources department will obtain the early warning results through the Liuzhou geological disaster early warning and prediction system and the research and analysis of experts, and then release the meteorological and hydrological early warning and prediction information of geological disasters to the public through television and network

in order to upgrade and improve the existing geological disaster early warning and prediction system, the Department of land and resources installed automatic monitoring instruments for geological disaster monitoring and early warning, such as precipitation monitors, displacement meters, soil saturation monitors, in 9 geological disaster prone areas and hidden danger sites in Sanjiang, Rongshui, Rongan, Luzhai, Liujiang and other counties (districts) in October 2011; In 2012, the pressure drop within 115min was not more than 0.05Mpa, which was qualified. In January, a set of video monitoring instruments was installed in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, and Liuzhou basically realized the monitoring and early warning of geological disasters

in addition to prevention and control, geological disasters also need to be treated. In recent years, the city of Liuzhou has invested 25.7584 million yuan in geological disaster exploration and treatment, and has successively completed 59 geological disaster treatment projects, including Longtan Park, dule Park, No. 1 Middle School of the city, Kaishan temple in Fengshan Town, Hongmiao village in Taiyang village. Consumers may be able to virtually connect their smart electrical village, Municipal Drug Rehabilitation Center, municipal switch factory living quarters, etc. Last year, the land and Resources Bureau of Liuzhou applied for 4 batches of 29 projects, applied for 84.34 million yuan of superior funds, and received 20 projects and 22.25 million yuan of subsidy funds. At present, most of these governance projects have entered the exploration stage

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