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Introduction to vacuum rapid cooler for cooked food

I. overview

all industrialized cooked food must go through the process of "cooling" tearing. At present, the cooling methods of high-temperature cooked food can be roughly divided into: (1) indoor cooling; (2) Forced air cooling; (3) Water cooling after sealed bags; (4) Flow state rapid cooling (freezing). As we all know, there are several problems in the above (1) (2) two cooling methods: A. long cooling time; b. After cooling, the temperature difference between the food surface and the core is large; c. Bacteria and dust in the air are very easy to adhere to the food surface, and (3) (4) two cooling methods, although the cooling speed is relatively faster than (1) (2), there is still a prominent problem that the temperature difference between the food surface and the core is too large. Moreover, due to the large investment, when using the fluid rapid cooling (freezing) device, there is a problem of defrosting that makes everyone feel headache. Therefore, It has not been adopted by the majority of cooked food production enterprises

as we all know, the longer cooked food is placed at 30 ℃ ~70 ℃, the faster its biological fermentation speed and bacterial reproduction speed, thus accelerating the deterioration and failure of food, that is, directly shortening the shelf life (shelf life) of food. We have many cooked food enterprises, especially those that produce cooked food with high sugar content and relatively high density. In the process of managing products, they have suffered a lot due to improper food cooling methods; Moreover, due to the lack of effective cooling means, many product development projects with high added value have been abandoned

in view of the above, in our Shanghai beach enterprises such as Shanghai Yuantai food factory, Longhua meat factory, Dachang meat factory and so on, in order to solve the problem of rapid cooling, they have successively spent a lot of money to import vacuum rapid cooling equipment from abroad to meet the production process and meet the relevant food hygiene requirements. Our company successfully developed DV series vacuum rapid cooler at the end of 2002

II. Working principle of vacuum rapid cooler

put the high-temperature cooked food after cooking into the cooling box, close the door and seal it, and exhaust it by the vacuum pump. As the pressure in the cooling box continues to drop, the boiling point of water inside and outside the food tissue also decreases, and the water vaporizes due to continuous heat absorption, so that the food can achieve the purpose of direct cooling (rapid cooling). According to the variety of food and the initial temperature of food, the final pressure of the vacuum rapid cooler is generally not less than 0.097mpa, and the cooling time is between 10 and 15 minutes, The final product temperature is slightly higher than the normal temperature by 1~2 ℃ (depending on the water temperature of the vacuum pump water, the viscosity of the water is the largest at 4 ℃. If the water temperature of the vacuum pump water is guaranteed to be 4 ℃, the final temperature of the cold food is 4 ℃.

III. The purpose of the vacuum rapid cooler

the vacuum rapid cooler is for industrialized production, which is used for fish, meat, poultry, staple foods, fruits and vegetables, pastry, bean products and other products that need no preservatives to ensure the shelf life, from high temperature to normal temperature Warm food. The vacuum rapid cooler is also suitable for the cooling processing of fried food with thick pulp layer

IV. characteristics of vacuum rapid cooler

vacuum rapid cooler cools food, which mainly has the following characteristics:

① fast cooling speed. It takes only 10-15 minutes for food to be cooled from 100 ℃ to normal temperature, and about 25 minutes for food to be cooled below 10 ℃. It has a very high production efficiency

② the cooling temperature is uniform. Since the cooling temperature of food depends on the vacuum degree in the box, and the vacuum degree (pressure value) in the box is equal everywhere, the food temperature is very uniform

③ avoid the secondary pollution of the environment to food. After the completion of vacuum cooling, the box is re pressurized and air intake, and the air passes through 0.006 μ The M-level filtered gas and the gas filled into the cooling box do not contain any dust suspension in the air, completely avoiding the secondary pollution of food by dust suspension in the air

④ improve the quality of cooked food. Due to the short cooling time, the reaction of oil oxidation and starch gelatinization of high-temperature food materials at high temperature can be avoided to the greatest extent; At the same time, it also greatly avoids the biological fermentation (bacterial reproduction) of high-temperature food materials at 60 ° C ~ 30 ° C, and improves the taste of the pot, which fundamentally guarantees the physiological conditions for the long-term preservation of food; In this way, a large number of cooked food will avoid adding preservatives, thus making cooked food a real "green food"

⑤ the equipment covers a small area. Since it does not produce any pollutants during operation, it can be directly installed on the production line of cooked food, which is safe and hygienic

⑥ convenient operation and reliable operation. After setting the corresponding data, close the vacuum box door, press a button to automatically complete the whole cooling process, and give an alarm to open the door and take out the food

⑦ save energy consumption and low operation cost. Taking DC-100 as an example, the power of the unit is 5.5kW, and the loading capacity of each cooling is 100kg. It is temporarily calculated once every 15min, that is, 400kg output is completed per hour, and only nearly 5.5kW power consumption is used

⑧ the price is cheap, and its cost is only about 1/3 of that of imported units

IV Main technical parameters

model name dv-50 dv-100 dv-150 dv-200

volume of vacuum tank (w*h*l) Mm 750x800x460 750x800x890 900x800x1200 1000x1000x1000

limit pressure of vacuum tank MPa 0.097 0.097 0.097 0.097

cooling treatment capacity per time kg 50 100 150 200

cooling treatment time per time min

water supply l/min

installed power kw 347.5 11

equipment weight about 630 about 850 about 1200 about 1500. The country produces 823 million tons of crude steel, 712 million tons of pig iron 1.126 billion tons of steel price (10000 yuan) 6.75 9.96 12.68 16.64

v. the latest development of vacuum rapid cooler

in the past, our vacuum rapid cooling equipment needed to be imported from abroad at a high price, and the lowest temperature of cooled food could only be cooled from 100 ℃ to normal temperature. This is an indisputable fact for enterprises that have used vacuum rapid cooler

after our Shanghai chiaina Food Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and produced the DV rapid cooler, we conducted a large number of productive tests for different products, and obtained that the users' flow of oil source is relatively large. After that, it is gradually accepted by the market. Now the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance and other breakthrough improvements of modified plastics have been accepted

in addition, one of our existing customers, in order to meet the specific requirements of Shanghai student fast food, asked us to directly cool from 100 ℃ to

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