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Brief introduction to the improvement of mold laser processing blades

hrs flow, the producer of mold system, and some in glass hrs flow in Italy, have adopted closed contour (conformal) temperature control. Mold inserts adopt EOS direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) equipment. Other EOS customers are using inserts including the plastic industry (PEP) of Europ en: laser bearbeitungs Center (LBC), ecoparts innomia

at the 2012 Euro Mold Exhibition, EOS showed that hrsflow's multi cavity mold was inserted into EOS intm270 machine EOS MS1 maraging steel metal powder in 80 minutes

vascomax martensitic 300 steel powder mold inserts in the selective laser melting (SLM) process are also used by hrs flow, but it emphasizes that there is a clear difference between SLM and DMLS

dmlsms1 inserts a 22% faster cycle time, higher output and improved part quality because there is less warpage. Also, there is less residual stress in molded parts

pep, French Research Institute, began to use eosint's DMLS equipment and MS1 powder cooling die inserts in April 2012. A large number of EOS positions are inserted, which takes 55 hours to establish, making 36% faster cycle time through its close contour channel. The decline cycle time is from 66S to 44s

lbc, headquartered in Germany, achieved a particularly impressive 55% reduction in cycle time from the 1990s to the 1940s. It realizes the insertion of 40000 pieces/year of this closed contour mold, and has the additional benefit of improving the quality of parts

lbc a partner with listemann in February 2012, according to which the company evaluates whether the insertion process as a project will best be made into DMLS or welded listemann vacuum metal sheet - or the combination of DMLS inner core and vacuum welded off balance sheet core. Last October, it premiered in the way of fakuma exhibition in 2012

% cycle time using laser sintering die inserts and other advantages is a beneficial side effect, according to Augustine niavas, EOS Business Development Manager Tooling. He told European plastics that in Euro mold, improving the quality of molded parts, reducing waste products and saving energy are the most important aspects. Another advantage is faster amortization of mold investment

according to niavas, a service provider of laser sintering technology, such as LBC, which has two m270 and M280 machines, the main manufacturer of mold inserts, rather than mold makers. The latter are often unwilling to invest, and do not want to provide insert competitive mold makers. There are more different service providers. The progress of laser sintering technology on that day, said niavas

mold insertion requires external finishing. However, the surface roughness of the internal channel improves cooling/heating, causing fluid medium turbulence (in Reynolds number hydrodynamics, DMLS insertion reaches a high value of 24, 000), making it self-cleaning. Ms11.2709 steel material has properties, including hardness hrc52

the metal powder produced by laser equipment and mold inserts provided by another company is the concept of laser in Germany. The company's process is called laser cusing, a name from the word laser, concept fusion

d described by niavas of EOS. In contrast, MLS and laser cusing processes are similar from different suppliers, but have the same composition, regardless of whether they are based on fiber lasers and can handle powders. But he said there were some related differences: exposure parameters, such as layer thickness, gas and atmosphere management, laser power, device size and software

laser display concept, its mold is such a 1-to-1 making customer Wolfgang fanacht, headquartered in Germany, in 2012 Euro mold 1000 closed contour mold inserts, between 2008 and mid-2012. Fanacht uses M1 laser cusing equipment and metal powder of laser concept

fa Nacht sometimes uses the production mold of laser cusing, with independent heating and cooling channels to ensure a high gloss surface and reinforcing ribs to prevent warpage. Close to the circular contour can be inserted, which is particularly effective in eliminating the traditional O-ring sealing circle

another specialty of FA Nacht is the mixed mold. Here, the laser cusing economy produces a complex closed profile 52hrc steel core and inserts a temperature controlled fluid into the prefabricated predrilled feed and drainage holes of the conventional production base

it is obviously a fa Nacht Augustine EOS niavas that invests in laser metal smelting equipment through a mold maker, rather than part of the contract. The supplier draws on the exceptions to the general rules mentioned. Another example is Germany's Hoffman werkzeugbau, which belongs to the Hoffman innovation group of concept laser. Among them, the application of laser cused mold inserts, good luck domestic irons, and Miele's sample clamping force will change with wear, washing machine door and vacuum cleaner shell

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