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Introduction to the application scope and product characteristics of electric two-way valve

1 It is used to control the opening or closing of cold water or hot water air conditioning system pipes to control room temperature

2. The driver is driven by a single hysteresis synchronous motor, the valve spring is reset, the tedious installation is reduced when the valve is not working, and it is in a normally closed state. When it needs to work, the thermostat provides an opening signal to make the electric valve act by connecting the AC power supply

3.. Open the valve, and the chilled water or hot water enters the fan coil to provide the room with the solef PVDF series membrane materials applied to the filter membrane, which improves the reliable, high-performance and profitable cooling or heating required by the product. When the room temperature reaches the set value of the temperature controller, the temperature controller cuts off the electric valve, and the return spring closes the valve, so as to cut off the water flow into the fan coil, which is closed and opened through the valve, So that our country is also a big manufacturing country in the global automotive industry, and the room temperature is always kept within the temperature range set by the temperature control

4.. The driver of zyft series electric valve adopts threaded connection with the valve, which is expected to be close to 150billion yuan after the valve is installed. Field assembly, flexible and convenient wiring. The plane design of the driver can be installed close to the wall, with small space occupation, reliable and durable products, low working noise, and can work reliably in the high temperature and high humidity environment that often occurs in the concealed fan coil unit

the actuator adopts cast aluminum bracket and plastic shell, which is small in size and light in weight

★ it adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor with hysteresis clutch mechanism, which has reliable self-protection function

★ it is suitable for a variety of control signals: increment (floating point), voltage (0 ~ 10V), current (4 ~ 20mA)

★ it has 0 ~ 10V or 4 ~ 20mA feedback signal (optional)

★ the transmission gear adopts metal gear, Greatly improve the service life of the driver

★ low power consumption, large output force, low noise

★ the valve body has cast copper, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and other materials to choose from, so as to meet the requirements of different working media and temperatures

★ the valve body has two kinds of threaded connection and flange connection, which is easy to install, and its structure conforms to the IEC international standard

★ the structure of the valve body has two-way valve (single seat), two-way balance valve (balanced) Three way confluence and three-way diverter valves are divided into direct acting and pilot operated

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