Brief introduction to the identification principle

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Introduction to the identification principles and methods of hoisting hazard installations

identification principles: all kinds of service pictures appear in everyone's mind

1. The identification of hazard installations should consider the past, present and future tenses and the normal, abnormal and emergency states in combination with the actual situation

2. Focus on the analysis of major hazard sources, and prevent omissions, especially in order to ensure the stability of particle quality. It is a hazard source that may lead to important accidents. Pay special attention to it, not only analyze the hazard sources during normal operation and operation, but also analyze the hazard sources of goods, equipment and equipment that affect the destruction of experimental data and the possible serious consequences of operational errors

3. The identification and evaluation of hazard sources shall be carried out from bottom to top, in the charge of the personnel of the competent department, and with the participation and cooperation of relevant parties

identification methods

inquiry and communication, on-site observation, access to relevant records, access to external information, job task analysis, safety checklist, event tree analysis, fault tree analysis, hazard and operability research and other methods

the following problems should be considered in hazard identification

1, what hazards (hazard sources)

2, who (what) will be injured


3 How the hazard occurs

4. Whether it meets the requirements of safe operation

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