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The comprehensive restructuring of the publishing industry has boosted new changes in the publishing market. With the comprehensive restructuring of the publishing industry, many new changes have taken place in the publishing market. It can be said that the publishing industry has never been so active and changeable as this year

first, the trend of collectivization is obvious. With the successive establishment of China Education Publishing Group and China Science and Technology Publishing Group, together with the previously established China Publishing Group, it has formed the lineup of large state-owned publishing groups at the central level. The strength of local publishing groups continues to grow. In the future, the competition in publishing industry will mainly be the competition among publishing groups

secondly, capitalization trend. Now most publishing groups have the desire to be listed for financing. Some have already been listed, and some are seeking to be listed. Using the power of capital to promote the growth and development of the publishing industry has become the consensus of the industry authorities and the industry

third, the trend of merger and reorganization. The wave of cross regional, cross industry and cross ownership merger and reorganization of the publishing industry is in the ascendant. Private publishing also began to surface with the deepening of reform. Either it was restructured and acquired by a state-owned publishing group, or it was restructured and listed independently (such as Tianzhou Culture Co., Ltd.), and it received renewed attention as a new publishing productivity

fourth, the trend of specialization and diversification. Professional publishing group, special 1. The experimental machine must have three elements: a force adding device, a fixture, a force value display device and the advantages of the recording industry publishing house, such as China Education Publishing Group and China Science and Technology Publishing Group; On the other hand, some powerful publishing groups are also trying to take the road of diversified development. For example, Phoenix Publishing Group has made business achievements in real estate and finance outside the publishing industry. China Publishing Group is also planning to set up its own film and television company

fifth, digital trend. Digital publishing has entered an explosive growth period. All publishing groups and publishing units have formulated or are in the process of formulating their own digital transformation development strategies and starting to implement them. In the new round of digital publishing competition, some large state-owned publishing groups have played a leading role in the field of testing instruments

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