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Comprehensive surface mechanical property tester nbsp; Special

ust universal surface mechanical property characteristic tester for BMW interior parts inspection: br

is widely used in: Determination of surface micromechanics of plastics, paper, metal, glass, textiles and coatings, organic materials, composite materials, etc Br

product function: br

only one instrument can objectively predict the following characteristics: br

sensitivity of roughness writing, please reinstall the software br

overall deformation anti writing and anti cutting br

elasticity and plasticity tactile and softness br

material compactness anti friction and scratch br

micro hardness and micro friction coefficient of organizational structure br

coating thickness, structural relaxation and attenuation br

- use WindowsNT compatible software to realize convenient and visual data analysis br

- obtain easily searchable data results through specific patented programs: br

mechanical scanning is carried out in three steps during the test process as follows: br


1 Scan along a specific line at 0.7mn (surface profile measurement) Br

2 Scan (total deformation measurement) with specific load (range Mn) Br

3 Finally, scan with 0.7mn (recovery of elastic part and maintenance of plastic deformation) Br



hardware options: br

ust 100 load range 1 – 100mn Br

ust 1000, with a load range of 10 – 1000mn, is applied to the performance test of hard surfaces or coatings. Br

micro friction coefficient module br

highly sensitive friction coefficient measurement, including static friction and sliding friction. Br

ta-x br

evaluation of wear resistance of different materials or coatings, such as non-destructive testing of coatings and polymers in the micro nano range. Br

high speed x-linear platform br

completes high dynamic measurement. Br

x-y axis automatic displacement platform br

3D measurement application of morphology and deformation. Br

main software options: br

scratch resistance test module br

brand new scratch resistance test concept, gradually increase the load during the test process, and record the dynamic and real-time scratch resistance br

Micro Friction module br

obtain real-time force and deformation parameters br

wear resistance module br

test the wear performance, and you can set the wear times and wear forces at will, And record the real-time deformation and force parameters. Br


viscoelastic module br

control time and force, test static test, creep and relaxation. Br

micro hardness module br

measure micro hardness parameters according to standard dinen. Br

damping attenuation test module br

tests the attenuation and damping characteristics of different materials. Br

roughness module dineniso4287 br

RA, RQ and RZ values are measured according to the standard dineniso4287. Wavelength filtering can be adjusted manually or automatically. Br

description of tactile comfort characteristics br

description of tactile performance of rough or smooth surfaces, comparison. For example, the comfortable tactile judgment of soft hand coating. Br

accessories: br

sample holder: br

vacuum table br

high precision auxiliary table br

quick replacement fixture br more energy can be rebounded when applying force

customized fixture according to customer requirements br

probe br

steelcone60 ° br

diamondcones60 ° -120 ° br

applied to wear, scratch resistant, Roughness test "br"

scratchdiamond120 ° "br"

perpendicular to the test sample, test the scratch resistance at a free 5 ° angle "br"

vickers andberkovichpyramids "br"

4-sidedand3-sideddiamondpyramids, α= 136°/65°,respectively; Different hardness tests br

steelballs br

dia 0.8/1.8/5.0/20mm br

cuttingto the warpage of the molded product is reduced to less than 0.5mm ol br

test the cutting resistance of paper or textiles

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