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All the three quarterly reports have released the main force of "de capacity". What changes have been made to edge xp6026 and edge xp6056 with excellent processing performance innovation trends

the third quarter results of more than 3400 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have all been "released" recently. As an important participant in the capital market, the operation of state-owned listed companies is remarkable. What new trends in SOE reform have been released in the third quarterly report

by the end of 2016, the total assets, revenues and profits of listed companies of central enterprises accounted for 61.3%, 62.8% and 76.2% of the total central enterprises, respectively, while the operating income and net profit of 290 A shares (including a+h) controlled by central enterprises accounted for 39.3% and 30.07% of the A-share market

from the three quarterly reports, the state-owned listed companies have made remarkable achievements in docking with the capital market platform, optimizing resource allocation and improving operating efficiency

take the Shenzhen main board as an example. In the first three quarters, the state-owned listed companies accounting for nearly 60% of the Shenzhen main board achieved an average operating revenue of 8.711 billion yuan and a net profit of 542million yuan, an increase of 20.85% and 52.08% respectively year-on-year, 16.93 percentage points higher than the average level of the board

behind the brilliant achievements is the continuous release of reform dividends. In the first three quarters, benefiting from the continuous progress of supply side structural reform, the effect of "de capacity" became more prominent, the relationship between supply and demand improved steadily, the utilization rate of industrial capacity reached the highest level in recent years, and the performance of Listed Companies in cyclical industries such as coal, steel and nonferrous metals was eye-catching

as the main force in the "de capacity" battle, the role of state-owned enterprises is particularly prominent. Up to now, the central enterprises have resolved 16.14 million tons of excess steel capacity and 55.1 million tons of excess coal capacity, and integrated 100million tons of coal capacity through the establishment of specialized platform companies. Four professional steel and coal enterprises achieved a profit of 38.68 billion yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 130.2%, effectively driving the recovery of the benefits of the whole industry

in terms of strategic restructuring, mixed ownership reform, etc., this year, the proportion of the main business income of new materials in the three nuclear regions of Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai, the state-owned listed companies, in the whole province increased from 19% in 2017 to 28%, and the company has become a hot spot, forming many cases that the market has paid close attention to

for example, the stacking error between the pressurizing rod of China Heavy Industry Corporation and the center line of the length direction of the test piece shall not be greater than 1 mm, and σ The difference in value shall not be greater than 1 mm. The company has issued shares to acquire the equity of large shipbuilding industry and Wuchang shipbuilding industry, and substantially promoted the debt to equity swap and reduced leverage. COSCO Haikong acquired OOCL by tender offer, ranking among the top three container transportation companies in the world, becoming a representative case of cross-border M & A

it is noteworthy that recently, some listed state-owned enterprises announced the suspension of trading, and announced plans to introduce strategic investors or major asset restructuring transactions, causing the market to raise expectations for the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises. "The mixed reform has formed a breakthrough momentum, and the mixed reform at the local state-owned enterprise level is expected to accelerate significantly next year." Said Lijin, chief researcher of China Enterprise Research Institute

in addition, with the steady progress of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, many central enterprises have achieved success in overseas market expansion, and the amount of newly signed overseas contracts has increased steadily. From January to September this year, the newly signed overseas contract amount of CSCEC increased by 56.3% compared with the current market data. Some screw rods of tensile strength testing machines are T-shaped ordinary screw rods and gapless ball screw rods. In the same period, the newly signed contract amount of overseas projects of CCCC increased by 30.79%

however, from the perspective of the third quarterly report, with the deepening of reform, some listed companies, including state-owned enterprises, still have phased operational difficulties and need to pay close attention to relevant risks

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