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Comprehensive introduction of modern automobile windshield

although the automobile industry and the glass industry belong to two different fields, the former belongs to the machinery manufacturing industry, and the latter belongs to the light industry, the relationship between the two is becoming closer and closer from the perspective of the development process of automobile. Glass technology has completely penetrated into the automotive industry. Bamboo fiber reinforced composites have been used in automotive interior parts and become an indispensable member in the automotive technology field. Now, people always research and develop automobile glass from the perspective of automobile safety and appearance, and constantly launch new varieties. The automobile glass is mainly the front windshield. More than 80 years ago, the glass was installed on the Model T car produced by Ford factory in the United States. At that time, flat glass was installed in the front of the car, Free drivers "Automobile manufacturers can avoid this step by choosing colorful body parts made of Plexiglas materials. In the decades since then, the glass industry has gradually stepped into the automobile industry, creating a variety of safety glasses - Laminated glass, tempered glass and regional tempered glass, which have greatly improved the performance of automotive glass.

laminated glass refers to the use of a transparent and adhesive plastic film Between two or three layers of glass, the strength and toughness of plastic and the hardness of glass are combined to increase the crushing resistance of glass. Tempered glass means that ordinary glass is quenched to form a certain internal stress in the internal organization, so that the strength of the glass is strengthened. When it is impacted and broken, the glass will split into small pieces with blunt edges, which is not easy to cause harm to passengers such as security and trade agreements, personal asylum or refugee status applications

the area tempered glass is a new type of tempered glass. After special treatment, the crack of the glass can still maintain a certain degree of clarity in case of impact fracture, so as to ensure that the driver's field of vision is not affected. At present, the automobile front windshield is mainly composed of laminated tempered glass and laminated area tempered glass, which can withstand strong impact force

the development of modern car appearance is closely related to the development of glass technology. As early as more than 40 years ago, the single piece bending windshield was adopted for the front windshield of cars, and the flat windshield was gradually abandoned. Today's car windscreens are generally made into a whole large curved surface, with a certain radian up, down, left and right. This kind of curved glass is a product with very high technical requirements no matter from the processing process or the fitting, because it involves many problems such as vehicle type, strength, heat insulation, assembly and so on

curved glass is used for car windshield. Firstly, from the perspective of aerodynamics. Because most modern cars have a normal speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour, the flow of head-on air through curved glass can reduce eddy current and turbulence, thus reducing air resistance

in addition to the smooth transition between the window frame edge and the body surface, the glass and the body are integrated, which not only feels the overall coordination and beauty visually, but also reduces the wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle. In addition, curved glass has high strength, and thinner glass can be used, which is of certain significance to the lightweight of cars

the curved windshield of modern cars should have a high flatness at the bending corner, without optical distortion, and the objects outside should not be deformed or dazzled when viewed from any angle on the driver's seat. In the past, the car glass was usually neatly decorated. According to the experimental results, during the loading process, the load strip was decorated or protected along the glass edge. Now the glass on the car adopts ceramic glaze, that is, the so-called "black frame"

the windscreens of many cars are also coated. The reflective coating process is adopted or the composition of the glass is improved. Only the visible light of the sun enters the compartment to block the ultraviolet and infrared rays, which greatly reduces the suffering of the passengers from the heat. This kind of modern car glass, called "green glass", has been widely used

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