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Comprehensive test question of safety constructor examination (3)

[analysis] answer D: the key point of project quality inspection shall be completion acceptance, and the employer can take over the project after passing the completion acceptance. 54. there are () qualification categories for professional contracting enterprises. A. 50 b.55 c.60 d.70 answer: C 55. in the construction labor subcontract of the construction project, the labor subcontractor shall uniformly plan to stack materials, machines and tools according to (). A. Employer B. engineer C. designer D. project contractor answer: D 56. in the construction labor contract of construction project, if one party breaches the contract and the other party requires the breaching party to continue to perform the contract, the breaching party (). A. After assuming the default, you can refuse to continue to perform. B. continue to perform, but do not assume the default. C. continue to perform after assuming the default. D. neither undertake the default nor continue to perform. It is called glass transition bank. Answer: C 57. the total amount of retention money should generally be limited to () of the total contract price. A. 2% b.5% c.10% d.15% answer: B 58. according to the model bidding document for World Bank loan project civil engineering domestic competitive document, the advance payment guarantee shall remain valid until (). A. Project handover date B. the reinforcement configuration at this position in the actual project during the defect period shall be strengthened. C. half of the project is completed. D. all the advance payment shall be deducted. Answer: D 59. during the implementation of the contract, if the project is changed (), the employer may request for compensation for the project change. A. It belongs to the risk range that the contractor should bear. B. it exceeds the risk range that the contractor should bear. C. it exceeds the risk range that the contractor can bear. D. It belongs to the risk range that the contractor can bear. Answer: B [analysis] answer b:c and D answer both adopt the concept of the risk range that can be borne. Here, bearing means a kind of ability, which has nothing to do with it. Therefore, only answer B exceeds the risk range that should be borne, Should apply for compensation. So the correct answer is B. 60. the following contents that belong to the contract diagnosis are (). A. Contracts in arrears of project payment B. analysis of contract differences C. claim procedure D. contract tracking answer: B 61. classified according to the reasons for the hydraulic control valve with the corresponding output modulated flow and pressure on which the claim is based, the claim includes (). A. Duration claim, cost claim B. claim within the contract, claim outside the contract and moral claim C. internal claim, external claim D. single claim, total claim answer: B 62. the evidence to prove the truth of the case based on its existence, external characteristics of the storage location and material characteristics is (). You can come to Jinan to visit the experimental machine you want to buy. A. documentary evidence B. material evidence C. audio-visual materials D. records of inspection and inspection answer: B 63. which of the following work should be completed by the tenderer of international projects before issuing the bidding documents (). A. Prepare the bidding documents B. determine the bidding method C. determine the bidding agency D. prequalification answer: a 64. when the international project construction is nearing completion, the () work of the contractor in the construction stage is an important link related to the collection of the contract price. A. Contract management &nbs

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