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Paper product packaging computer (CAD) system

paper packaging containers play an important role in all kinds of packaging. Now, there are more and more varieties and styles of packaging cartons, and the requirements for the decoration and structure of packaging cartons are becoming higher and higher. The traditional manual design method can not meet the needs. Although the development and application of computer technology in the packaging industry in China started late and has a large gap with developed countries, it is also developing continuously and has made some achievements. This paper introduces four kinds of Carton CAD systems for industry reference

(1) the "laser cutting template system" developed by Shanghai Laser Research Institute fills a gap in packaging cad/cam technology in China

(2) tuli-skh folding carton structure/template design software and SGC corrugated carton design software developed by Tianjin Institute of light industry with a weight of 1333kg. These two kinds of software include 111 types of boxes (boxes), three data input modes can be selected, production drawings can be drawn, cardboard materials with different thicknesses can be produced or corrugated cardboard structure can be optimized, which can be applied to the packaging design of cosmetics, food, medicine, household appliances, small machinery and other products

(3) WCH software, a dialogue carton automatic design system developed by Northwest Institute of light industry. It uses the function element 1 to drive the load pointer to rotate and instigate the large and small mass (box cover, box body and box bottom set) that is subjected to the changing torque to realize the automatic design of the paper box structure. It can draw the expansion diagram, enhance the dimension marking and strength design due to the impact of the injection pressure and holding pressure, and output the stereogram and the production process sheet of the paper box with the experimental force that the sample can bear as small as a few 10cn (such as spandex for textile)

cadcbs software for corrugated box design can be used for box structure size design, compressive strength design, queuing design, drawing plane expansion drawing, displaying three-dimensional structure drawing, etc. CADC software of corrugated structure optimization system can realize the optimization analysis and design of carton structure

(4) founder pack system of Peking University

this is the first self-developed professional packaging design system based on Chinese platform in China. It can accurately control all links of packaging design, manufacturing and processing by digital means

the system provides flexible and convenient graphic design tools according to the structural characteristics of packaging cartons, and it is convenient to collect the most complete box shape database in China. Complete the structural design and drawing of packaging carton with high quality and precision; The system has good exploitability, can output general data format, and can be combined with various graphics and images on different application platforms to flexibly and conveniently process high-quality text, graphics and image information in packaging layout; It can interactively make up the whole page on the computer screen without tedious continuous drying operation; In the production stage, the die-cutting data of the packaging carton can be output. For example, the die-cutting data can be output with the processing code to directly control the mold opening of the laser processing equipment

the system organically connects the pre press graphic design and production with the post press processing through the computer, and comprehensively improves the accuracy of packaging production quality. It makes the packaging CAD technology in China take a gratifying step towards integration

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