Comprehensive product tracking and tracing scheme

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The omni-directional product tracking and tracing scheme of food enterprises

the application of domino system integration solution (is) in the food industry

in today's society, brand is a key factor for consumers to consider when choosing goods. Some brand products with good reputation are often favored by consumers. Therefore, some illegal vendors often produce counterfeit products to make huge profits. For a long time, fake and inferior products have caused serious losses to the country, enterprises and consumers, and greatly damaged the image of brand products. In addition, the problem of fleeing goods faced by enterprises has also caused a lot of profit loss to varying degrees. Therefore, now more and more enterprises have begun to take up all kinds of powerful weapons to prevent counterfeiting and fleeing, so as to safeguard their own interests and ensure the interests of consumers at the same time

located in a well-known company in Guangdong, it is such a daring enterprise. It specializes in food research, development, production and sales. In recent years, it has successively introduced 15 advanced food production lines at home and abroad, with more than 200 product varieties. It sells well in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. The products produced by the company are the most competitive products among peers in the market at present. However, due to the fleeing behavior of some dealers, the flow order of products in the distribution network has been seriously disturbed and the interests of the company have been damaged. Therefore, they need to implement a set of effective anti fleeing methods to maintain the market operation order of the enterprise

in recent years, the company has also made a lot of efforts in the anti fleeing of its products, but the effect is not ideal. They used an inkjet printer to print the black production date and expiry date on the bottom of the tank, and then used invisible ink to directly cover a line of logistics code on the production date, hoping to achieve the effect of anti fleeing goods. However, smart agents are often driven by interests to try to violate the industry regulations. Some agents use mercury to erase the invisible logistics code, and some even erase all the logos and re print their customized logos, which has completely cracked the original anti channeling system, seriously disrupted the market operation order, and made the company unable to effectively manage the sales channel, resulting in certain losses

domino is integrated solution effectively helps the company solve this thorny problem. The system can assign the minimum unit of each product and the associated anti-counterfeiting code to the outer box. Because the anti-counterfeiting code of the outer box is easy to read and record, the function of uniquely associating the code of each product with the region to which it is sold is achieved, which overcomes the waste caused by the traditional direct printing of "exclusive sales in XX region" and the uncontrollable shortcomings of production, The result database formed by the association code can be handed over to the customer's sales department for long-term market standard management; And the authenticity of the product can be identified by the anti-counterfeiting code on each product package

at present, the system will be applied to the company's 12 production lines, two canning lines with a speed of 50-55 cans/min and 10 bagging production lines with a bagging speed of 40-50 bags/min. On the can loading line, an inkjet machine is used to print a group of logistics codes at the bottom of each can in real time, and laser machine is used to etch three lines of information on the side of each can, that is, one line of logistics code, two lines of production date and consumption period. Each 6 cans form a box, and then an associated barcode is sprayed on each box. Each 72 boxes form a stack, and then a stack of barcode is sprayed. On the bagged production line, a group of logistics codes are sewn and sprayed in the bag, each 12 bags form a box, and an associated barcode is sprayed on each box, and a stack barcode is sprayed on every 80 boxes

in the warehousing stage, use the warehousing scanning software to record the warehousing varieties and quantities in the finished product warehouse. That is to say, after stacking is completed, the products can be warehoused. Before warehousing, the stacking code information (which must be the stacking code information) on the current warehousing pallet is scanned. If the production ends on the same day and the quantity of the last stack is generally insufficient (72 boxes in cans and 80 boxes in bags), then it is only necessary to manually fill in the actual quantity of the stack. After uploading the warehouse in scanning information on the same day, the warehouse system automatically calculates the quantity information of each product in the warehouse on that day

in the logistics stage, for the transfer of goods between dealers, the digital information of the transferred goods shall be collected and returned to the company after being reviewed by the relevant departments. The anti channeling system can provide the function of changing the data information according to the authority. The company requires the third-party logistics company to transport the actual products from the warehouse to a customer to the designated customer when delivering goods, so as to ensure the accuracy of the logistics code information

finally, these random and related codes can be queried through, SMS, network and other channels to identify the authenticity of products and query the flow direction of products in the distribution network, which can effectively prevent fleeing goods and avoid the harm caused by fake and inferior products to enterprises or consumers

domino is can not only help enterprises to prevent counterfeit goods, but also strictly supervise and control the orderly flow of goods in the distribution network, improve the channel management level of enterprises, reduce the export share to emerging countries, and greatly improve the channel risk avoidance. In addition, the code generated by the system integrates anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing functions, which is more practical for the quality management of production and the all-round tracking and tracing of products. It is worth mentioning that the system does not need to pay for each anti-counterfeiting code. As for anti-counterfeiting and anti channeling and then re calibrating the sensor to work normally, the pin code itself is cost-free. In addition, the method of printing products with a laser inkjet printer makes the cost of the whole scheme very low. (end)

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