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Aluminum alloy door and window accessories are the general name of aluminum alloy door and window accessories, and the hardware in our knowledge is only a part of them. Aluminum alloy door and window accessories refer to the general name of all auxiliary materials for ensuring that the opening and closing of aluminum alloy doors and windows are sensitive and smooth, and the structure is tight. It can be roughly divided into three categories: hardware, sealing materials and auxiliary parts

1. Hardware

is what we often call door and window hardware accessories, such as handles, hinges, sliding braces, pulleys, bar locks, crescent locks and a series of door and window hardware accessories. Be primarily responsible for the connection, transmission, opening and closing of doors and windows. It belongs to the core components of various functions of doors and windows

aluminum alloy door and window hardware is classified according to products: handle for transmission organization, spinning handle, hinge (hinge), transmission lock, sliding brace, support block, bolt, multi-point lock, pulley, single point lock and flat open lower suspension hardware system

aluminum alloy door and window hardware can be divided into: sliding door and window hardware, casement window hardware, inward opening and inward pouring accessories, and upper hanging window accessories

2. Sealing materials

now buildings focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, and doors and windows are the main part of building energy consumption. Therefore, the sealing of doors and windows is very important. Wool strips and glass sealant strips are the primary sealing materials. The wool strip is mainly used for sealing between the frame and the fan, and the glass sealing strip is used for sealing between the glass and the fan and the frame. Sealing materials play an important role in waterproof, sealing and energy saving in aluminum alloy doors and windows. Guanhao doors and windows adopt imported silicone sealant strips, which are firm and durable after drying and have good sealing function

3. Auxiliary parts

common auxiliary parts are climbing block, anti falling block, corner device, anti-collision block, corner device, adapter, reinforcement, etc. It should be used to improve the assembly level of aluminum alloy doors and windows and ensure all functions of doors and windows. These accessories are optional accessories, which have a powerful effect. If they are not installed, they will not affect the basic operation of doors and windows

the above is the relevant introduction of all accessories of aluminum doors and windows. I hope these can help my friends understand aluminum doors and windows


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