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The wall cloth, with soft texture and low reflectivity, brings a warm atmosphere to the home. The famous wall cloth brand Meiteng wall cloth now takes you to uncover some secrets about wall cloth, so that you can better understand wall cloth

generally, we don't know much about the wall cloth in wall decoration. Most of them will be decorated with paint or wallpaper. Walls on ceramic tiles or wood floors are also common, while wall cloth is very common abroad. Its soft texture and low reflectivity bring a warm atmosphere to the home. The famous wall cloth brand Meiteng wall cloth now takes you to uncover some secrets about wall cloth, so that you can better understand wall cloth

1. Wallpaper is an upgraded product of wallpaper. It also has changeable and colorful patterns and magnificent colors. Due to the use of silk, wool, hemp and other fiber raw materials. The grade is higher than wallpaper. The specially treated surface has a soft and comfortable texture, and the texture is more natural. The color is also more gentle. It has great artistic effect and noble temperament, giving people a warm and romantic feeling

2. The wall cloth is more environmentally friendly than wallpaper, and it is easy to update, and has stronger sound absorption and sound insulation performance. It can also prevent fire, mold and moth. It is also very scrub resistant, and its moisture-proof and air permeability is significantly stronger than wallpaper, which can better adjust the indoor microclimate

3. The flexibility, non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics of the wall cloth and its strong flavor of life make it not only suitable for paving in crowded living rooms or restaurants, but also more suitable for paving in the rooms of children or the elderly

4. The characteristics of easy construction and replacement of wall cloth allow you to change new clothes for the wall of the room at will. You can choose a style of wall cloth paving to reflect the unified decorative style, and you can also choose different styles of wall cloth according to the characteristics of different room functions to reflect their wonderful and colorful

5. Compared with wallpaper, wall cloth, as an upgraded product, has many obvious advantages. Wall cloth takes all kinds of pure cloth as the main surface material, which has strong tensile properties. It can cover, protect and condense the cracks caused by putty on the wall

6. Why use wall cloth? Because it can effectively avoid the occurrence of cracks, and at the same time, it can also make the wall have rich texture effects. More importantly, over time, it is inevitable to want to change the background for your home. This is that you will find that changing a new wall cloth is much less labor-saving than changing a painted wall

7. The room facing east is often the safest to use a light warm tone wall cloth because it is the first to get sunlight and the first to leave the room and darken earlier. If the color is too thick, it will make people feel uncomfortable. The room facing south has the longest sunshine time. Using cold colors often makes people feel more comfortable and the effect of the room is more charming

8. Generally, only use a semi wet clean towel to wipe the part with dust. Towels should be cleaned in time. The stained parts can be properly cleaned with detergent, and the effect is particularly good. Once there is a stain, it should be removed in time without delay. When wiping, be careful not to damage the joint of the wall cloth





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