Opel ceiling large home series with diverse styles

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Opel big home series gusset board new Chinese style - Lanting elegance, modern style - Norwegian sunshine, European style - Elizabeth, fearless story height, personalized customization, interpreting the new life of human settlement

with the development of the economic market, consumer groups are growing, house prices are rising, and national policies restrict the purchase of houses, resulting in the reduction of living room space and the reduction of floor height. More and more consumers hope to make full and rational use of space, and semi ceiling has gradually become a popular trend in ceiling decoration

a gusset, a family's persistence

a gusset, a safe life

a gusset, a professional attitude

material and quality, all of which cannot be separated from each other, It is different everywhere

Opel home series

Product specification: 450*450*0.6mm

modern style new Chinese style European style

art painting process

environmental protection | rich colors | fine texture | good weather resistance | not easy to deform | waterproof | dustproof | oxidation resistance

1 New Chinese style - Lanting yaxu

looking for art in classical and modern

finding warmth between rules and scattered

the combination of classical aesthetics and modern simple style

big but not empty and thick but not heavy

is the perfect combination with the flavor of the times

do you know

in the process of decoration, some families will have exposed lines and pipes. Choosing semi ceiling can not only hide lines and block central air conditioning, but also be free from the limitation of building height, open vision, beautiful and practical

Lanting yaxu side mounted semi hanging matching effect

"Lanting yaxu" series gusset plate:

gusset plate features: simple frame, retro tone to set off taste, modern without losing composure, a model of new Chinese style

2. Modern style - Norwegian sunshine


is relief after complexity

is the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature

is a model of creativity and elegance

experience pure life, constantly explore and discover

you will find the pure world in your heart in the floating world

Norwegian sunshine side loading semi hanging matching effect

"Norwegian sunshine" series buckle:

buckle characteristics: not dull lines, Non sharp edges and corners, bright golden pearlescent effect, simple and generous

3. European style Elizabeth

the busy and fast-paced modern city

always makes people yearn for the style of European life full of ritual

the romantic space you can see when you look up

encounter elegance, Decorate elegant life

encounter different European life taste

Elizabeth side half hanging collocation effect

"Elizabeth" series gusset plate:

gusset plate characteristics: it retains the general trend of traditional European materials and colors, while abandoning overly complex texture and decoration, simplifies lines, is cleaner, and is more in line with modern aesthetic concepts

Opel large home series gusset plate

New Chinese style - Lanting Yasu, modern style - Norwegian sunshine, European style - Elizabeth

fearless floor height, personalized customization

interpretation of the new life of human settlements

Norwegian sunshine

Lanting Yasu


Guangzhou Opel metal products Co., Ltd., integrating R & D, design, production, sales and trade, has focused on the ceiling for 20 years, With the brand concept of "building a home with heart", we are committed to providing consumers with an overall solution for customized space

(source: Opel)




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