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With the progress of the times, people pay more and more attention to high-quality life, and the comfort of the home environment has become the focus of people. In home decoration design, people pay more and more attention to the importance of choosing high-quality doors and windows

with the progress of the times, people pay more and more attention to high-quality life, and the comfort of home environment has become a key area of attention. In home decoration design, people pay more and more attention to the importance of choosing high-quality doors and windows

so the problem is, how to choose the right high-quality doors and windows when decorating the house

1. Energy conservation

how important is energy conservation of doors and windows to building energy conservation

according to the data provided by industry experts, at this stage, building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total social energy consumption

doors and windows are the opening and lighting parts of buildings and the weakest link of buildings. The energy lost through doors and windows accounts for 45% - 50% of building energy consumption and 20% of the total social energy consumption

whether your home is energy-saving or not, doors and windows are the key

meizhixuan door and window profiles are made of international aerospace silicon magnesium aluminum alloy aluminum, and the glass is made of fully toughened double-layer hollow sound insulating glass. Because the thermal conductivity of the sealed middle air layer is much lower than that of ordinary glass, the thermal insulation performance of hollow glass is increased to twice, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of buildings equipped with air conditioners. It can insulate more than 70% in summer, and keep indoor heating not easy to lose in winter, reducing heat loss by up to 40%. The doors and windows have superior performance of high heat insulation and high cold insulation, so as to improve the indoor environment and indoor comfort

2. Safety performance

in today's complex society, safety issues can not be ignored. More attention should be paid to the selection of home doors and windows. Choosing high-quality doors and windows, not only the profiles should be solid and durable, but also the design of their anti-theft, anti-collision and anti fall performance is essential

we produce not only doors and windows, but also the safety of users. In today's progressive and busy social environment, safety cannot be ignored. Meizhixuan doors and windows adopt automobile grade float fully toughened safety glass, with the number of debris particles in 5cm2 ≥ 40. Hardware accessories adopt European standards, side sliding 304 stainless steel embedded hinges, fall arresters, German imported HOPP handle + anti pry lock seat, four and six point locks effectively prevent theft and make the home safer at the same time. Meizhixuan doors and windows pay attention to the treatment of every process and every detail of the product, break through the traditional thinking, and use the leading Seiko technology to make the doors and windows more safe and reliable

3. Comfort

nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, people hope to live a comfortable and healthy living life. The home does not have to be very luxurious, but it must be comfortable and healthy

but the increasingly serious haze and noise always backfires. If there is haze and noise at home, how can we talk about comfort? To eliminate haze and noise, we need a sealed and sound proof door and window

the doors and windows of meizhixuan are made of aviation grade aluminum profiles, safe explosion-proof tempered glass, automobile grade sealing and sound insulation rubber strips, double insulation, noise reduction and haze prevention, and three-way sealing structure, which can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, block sound transmission, and effectively reduce the noise by more than 35 dB

meizhixuan doors and windows is committed to creating a warm and comfortable home life for you, paying attention to the application of practical functions and innovative technologies, and coexisting door and window design with practicality. Behind the distinctive design of each door and window, meizhixuan attaches importance to the quality of home life and pursues the ultimate details. This is also the lifestyle that meizhixuan wants to convey: a healthy and environmentally friendly human life




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